Garden Goodies

You will need: Finished Craft EZ Porcelain Magnets, Popsicle Sticks, Glue (Craft or Hot Glue).


Enjoy your Craft EZ painted porcelain magnets in your garden by turning them into plant sticks! 

Simply use hot glue or craft glue to attach your baked and painted magnets to popsicle sticks!  If you've attached the magnets to to backs of your porcelain pieces, you can glue right over them.

Another idea to embellish your garden...glue the magnets to your plant pots! 


Show us what you create! Post your pics on our facebook page!

Fluffy Frame


You will need: Cardboard, Ribbon,  Pom Poms (We used 1/2"), Glue (Craft or Hot Glue). 


Here's a fun way to create an alternative display for your finished Craft EZ Porcelain Tile! 

Just cut a piece of cardboard (you can use a piece of an old box), slightly larger than the tile. 

Use a hot glue gun or craft glue to attach the tile to the center of the cardboard. Then, glue pom poms around the edge. ​

Tape or glue a piece of ribbon to the back.

Fun with Fairy Houses


You will need: Glass Fish Bowl or Terrarium Bowl, Aquarium Rock, Silk Flowers (Small and Large) Wire Cutters, Craft Moss, Small Round Stones, Paint/Brush.


Life is a bowl of Fairies! Create a colorful little fantasy world for your finished Craft EZ Fairy House in a fish bowl!

Fill the bottom of a fish bowl with aquarium rock and moss. Place your fairy house in the bowl (Best to put it towards the back of the bowl). 

Cut flower stems with a wire cutter and stick them in the rock around the house. Put the small flowers in first around the house. Place larger flowers so they sit higher, creating a  canopy over the house.

Create some mushrooms with painted rocks.