While Made4U Studio may be a brand new company, with a combined 100 years experience in area children’s toys, their leadership team is anything but new to the industry. Suzy Brown, president and CEO of Made4U, and her entire team have worked for some of the most well respected toy and crafting brands in the United States.
Suzy and her team have combined their knowledge and passion for the industry creating an innovative and exciting new company that’s inspiring kids through their incredibly easy to use, one-of-a-kind toys. Made4U is dedicated to creating products that inspire children while allowing them to independently craft projects that they are proud of!      
Made4U’s mission is to empower kids through personalized crafting, and parents can rest easy knowing that their products are safe. All of their products are safety tested to the upmost stringent requirements, and each one is also parent and kid approved!

Made4U is committed to creating a fun, positive, and safe experience for kids of all ages.
Join us in the Made4U Studio experience today.